the stitching workshop - pricing

Upholstering your seats and cushions.

At The Stitching Workshop we take your foam, you supply the material and we do the rest. With so much choice of fabrics available we are more than happy for customers to source their own materials locally. These days fabric outlet shops tend to be cheaper than wholesalers with prices ranging from £8.00 per metre to more than £50 per metre.

All you need to do is to ask for fabric to be set aside and send us a small snippet (a few square inches will be fine) to assess it’s suitability for your job. We can use most fabrics, but please tend to steer clear of unsupported open weave fabrics, as they fray easily and can loose their shape.

Old foam cushions tend to have a long life, however, if they have become soft or misshapen than one solution can be to add a thin layer of foam on top to beef them up.

The final finish can be buttoned through the foam, piped or braided. We can also make inset panels or even recreate traditional fluted designs on classic vehicles.

How much will it cost?

The table below is a guide to our labour-only costs for permanent recovering of cushions using your existing foam.

The examples are for the most common type of flat cushions (i.e. not bull nose or round bolster). However, tapered, chamfered (as in boat cushions to fit the hull shape) or oddly shaped cushions are included as long as these are the same depth throughout.

The prices include either a zip closure, Velcro (advisable on boats as zips rust) or stapling to an existing backboard. We also cover the foam with a layer of polyester before fitting the covers to help protect the foam and fill out the corners.

You will also see that we can upholster your motor caravan cab seats in matching fabric if required.

All prices shown below are for a single cushion. Delivery or collection is an extra charge.

Cushion length:
Under 15" (38cm)
Including VAT
Over 15"
Including VAT
Up to 35" (90cm)
35" to 75" (90-190cm)
Exceeding 75" (over 190cm)
Add 10% to the above prices
Add 15% to the above prices

Motorhome/van cushion recovering:

Recovering one pair of cab seats including headrests: £420 (inc VAT)
Armrests: £30 each (inc VAT)

We do not charge extra for split colour panels or for straightforward breaks in cushion panels but if you require a complicated design in the makeup of your cushions we will quote separately.

What do I do next?

Before you proceed you need to send us a small sample of fabric. This is to assess suitability for the job and also for extras such as covering buttons or making piping. Click here for our contact details to send us your sample.

However, if you would prefer us to supply the fabric and you know all the measurements of your cushions or seats you can request a quote. To do so click here for our quotation form.

If you are sending your cushions (contact us for details of our collection by courier) and not visiting us personally, we also need to know the size of each cushion and the width of the fabric so that I can advise on the amount of fabric you need to buy.

Note: Very few fabrics from outlet shops are fire retardant. It is perfectly legal for us to reupholster your cushions in untreated fabric if it is for your own personal use. However, for your own peace of mind you may prefer to have it treated. Most shops can arrange for your fabric to be proofed for around £2 per metre.